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Business Details

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(this must be the laboratory location where the perishable samples are sent to)

Who can we contact about sample delivery, testing and reporting?

ParaBoss may need to contact a person about sample delivery issues, testing process, data entry, and reporting of results, please provide a contact for the senior person doing WEC tests.

WEC Service Providers Listing

If your business is successful in this program, your business contact details can be listed on the WormBoss Service Providers page (but some businesses do not offer public services and choose not to be listed). At this stage, we will also list whether you provide larval cultures, or WEC training.

Note: if you are unsuccessful we do not disclose your details.

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Registration Fees

The cost to participate is calculated on the number of sample sets required, plus the total number of operators.

Please read this critical information on logistics of testing, if you will have more than one operator or are in a busy customer service setting as you may need more than one set of samples.

Cost per operator submitting WECs$20
Cost for 1 set of samples, packaging and posting:$300 WA*, $350 other states
Cost for each additional set of samples included in the pack$30

* WA businesses have lower freight costs as samples are prepared in WA.

You do not need to provide the names of participants at this stage, just the total number of them. You will be asked to enter these numbers once you complete this registration form.
Payments are processed separately to your account creation. You will be provided with payment instructions once your account has been created.

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